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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How does CV People Africa shortlist job seekers?
    The consultant conducts a database search using the job specification defined by the recruiter. Key selection criteria include:

    • Profile Date: Preference is given to job seekers with up-to-date profiles.
    • Contact Details: Preference is given to job seekers who can be contacted easily.
    • Education: A particular qualification may be necessary for the vacancy.
    • Years of Experience: The recruiter may specify the preferred years of experience.
    • Computer Software: The job seeker may need to know a particular software package.
    • Specific Skills: The recruiter will ask for candidates with particular skills.
    • Salary: The salary on offer will eliminate those job seekers who are already earning more.
    • Location: The position will be based in a particular city / location.
    • Availability: Some positions are urgent so the recruiter will want candidates who can start immediately.
    • Other: The recruiter might specify other relevant information, eg. A driver’s licence.
  • Why are my job applications limited?
    • To encourage more scrutiny by job-seekers in determining which jobs are best suited for them.
    • To reduce the "noise" created by chancers, applying for any and every job, streamlining the recruitment process.
    • To further ensure that the best candidates get the job, in the shortest possible time.
  • Why do jobs have different background colours when browsing jobs on the website?
    The background colours indicate different states of the job, sometimes with respect your account whilst you are logged in.

    The description of these background colours is provided below:
    • Normal - The default job background
    • Viewed - When logged in, you have viewed this position before
    • Applied - When logged in, you have applied for this position already
    • Updated - When logged in, a position you applied for has been updated since you last viewed it
    • Closed - This position is closed from applications
  • What happens when CV People Africa gets a job vacancy from a recruiter?
    • The details of the job are immediately published to the website.
    • The consultant managing the vacancy conducts a database search to identify potential candidates.
    • A portfolio is prepared with the CVs of potential candidates and this is emailed to the recruiter.
    • The consultant monitors the website applications being made on the vacancy.
    • If any of the applications are suitable then the additional CVs will be sent to the recruiter.
    • The consultant will liaise closely with the recruiter and information updates will be posted to the website.
    • The consultant will set up interviews on instruction from the recruiter.
  • What happens when a job seeker makes a job application via this website?
    • The Job Seeker’s Profile is automatically linked and tracked to the vacancy.
    • The consultant managing the vacancy receives an alert that an application has been made.
    • The consultant will examine the application made and if it matches the job specification, the job seeker’s CV will be sent to the recruiter.
    • If the Recruiter would like to interview the Job Seeker then the CV People Africa Consultant will contact the Job Seeker.
    • In some instances, the Recruiter might contact the Job Seeker directly. The Job seeker should always keep CV People Africa informed when this happens.
  • After many job applications, I have neither been shortlisted nor interviewed?
    • The number of vacancies available is relatively small when compared to the number of job seekers. As a result, competition is significant.
    • CV People Africa will only contact you if there is some positive news. Your CV will be sent out for job vacancies, but you will be contacted only if the recruiter wants to interview you.
    • You may be applying for the wrong jobs.
    • You may think that if you apply for every job, you will eventually get one. This strategy does not work! CV People Africa is tasked by the recruiter to finding the best person for the job, rather than any person who can do the job.
    • Your CV may be poor, or your database profile may be out of date or contain many errors that eliminate you from being considered.
  • On the dashboard, what do the icons next to my job application mean?
    The icons next to your job application provide up-to-date information about the status of your application.

    The description of these statuses is provided below:
    • Pending - Your application has not yet been processed
    • Limited Interest - Your application has been looked at and your chances are not promising
    • Moderate Interest - Your application considered for further vetting
    • High Interest - Your application has been vetted and might be considered for the job

    For externally handled jobs:
    • Applied - You have applied and sent your CV for this job
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